Admission and Appeals Policy

TKAT SCITT Admissions Policy

All applications to The Kemnal Academies Trust School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (TKAT SCITT) programme are considered fairly, equally and in line with the Department for Education’s (DFE) Initial Teacher Training (ITT) criteria.
All accredited ITT providers must ensure:

"that all entrants, as part of the provider’s selection procedures, have taken part in a rigorous selection process designed to assess their suitability to train to teach."

Section C1.3 DfE ITT Criteria and supporting advice 4th September 2020

The diagram below shows the recruitment and selection process

TKAT SCITT Recruitment and selection Nov 23 v3

On occasions, we may also ask for additional information, which might include additional or updated references, further information on qualifications (including transcripts), an additional or enhanced personal statement. 

Application Process

If a decision is made to reject an Apply application, there is no opportunity to appeal.

If an application meets the SCITT criteria, applicants will be invited for interview.

Following the interview process, applicants will be notified of the Panel’s decision via Apply and either by email or telephone within 5 working days. We will provide feedback to unsuccessful applicants. Feedback, where appropriate, may include advice on possible courses of action. It should be noted that any advice is not a guarantee of future admission. Advice on possible courses of action is merely guidance aimed at helping the applicant. Applicants are reminded that independent guidance is also available from DfE advisers and on 

Appeal Review

Applicants do not have a right of appeal against the academic judgment of the SCITT interview Panel, that is to say, the SCITT’s assessment of the applicant’s suitability to train to teach. However, if following receipt of feedback, an applicant feels that an error has occurred, they have the right to request a formal review of the selection decision on one of the following grounds:

(1)    pertinent information was missing from the original application;

(2)    there has been a misinterpretation of information or data contained within the original application; and/or

(3)    there was a procedural anomaly in the handling of the application.

This review can only be requested after an applicant has received feedback on the reason for their original rejection. The request for a review must then be placed in writing within 28 calendar days of the feedback being given to the applicant, stating clearly on what grounds the request for a review is being made. The request should be sent to the ITT Administrations Manager at the following address:

The Atkins Centre
Kemnal Technology College
Sevenoaks Way
Kent  DA14 5AA

Once received, the ITT Administrations Manager will review the record of the application (normally in consultation with the Head of SCITT) and will respond in writing within 10 working days. If the original decision is upheld, this correspondence will include the reasons for the decision.


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