Trainees will begin their programme with a two-week induction programme. The purpose is to provide every trainee with a foundation knowledge base and skills base to prepare them for their placement schools, where they will observe good and outstanding practice in preparation for beginning teaching.

Weekly Curriculum and Professional Studies
The Curriculum and Professional Studies programme is at the heart of the course. Trainees have specific weekly sessions to prepare them in advance to enable them to provide practical strategies for use in the classroom. Trainees will share practical examples of applying theory to the classroom in their subject and school groups. Lead Subject Tutors will deliver the subject-specific training which has a large focus on reflective and collaborative learning.

High quality in-school provision
Trainees will have a gradually-increased timetable supported by the Mentor and Professional Mentor in school. Weekly Mentor sessions will ensure trainees have maximum opportunities to embed the theoretic and practical skills in their classroom and reflect upon their progress made with experienced, professional guidance.

Reflective practice
Trainees will complete a weekly journal to log their learning journey throughout the course. Journals will reflect on all aspects of the programme including weekly teaching plans and reflections; mentoring advice and target-setting; personal reflections, and action plans. Trainees are encouraged to develop a deeper understanding of pedagogy through monthly reading reflections.

Second placements
All trainees will complete a second school placement for 6 weeks during the Spring term (4 weeks for salaried trainees). Trainees will also be required to complete a wider experience which gives trainees the opportunity to visit and observe their phases that proceed and follow the taught key stage and an alternative provision (eg. SEN, Pupil Referral Unit). 

Professional Development
TKAT SCITT aims for a bespoke approach, coupled with an excellent level of support and challenge to ensure that, as trainees complete the year, they are well on the way to being consistently Outstanding teachers.

TKAT SCITT believes that every trainee should have a firm basis on which to develop their career as future leaders in schools. Our teacher training programme feeds directly into TKAT schools’ CPD programme enabling those who go on to teach in our schools are already on the ladder to success.  Trainees are fully supported with their job application and recruitment process.

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